Parent Testimonials

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"With all the whirl of children, and the competitions, and recitals…I wanted to take a moment and let you know…you make a difference.  You touch lives when you don’t even know it.  One little dance routine can turn a little girl from socially awkward, to social butterfly.  Every day you are making young women more confident and self-assured.  So, from Jocelyn, Madelyn, and myself…thank you….for making my lil girls world a brighter happier place...Dance isn’t just pretty girls in costumes, sometimes for some kids, its life changing. We love you.-Mellissa T.


"Hi Miss Beth, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for a great year of dance and a wonderful recital!  Between my 2 girls this is the 3rd dance studio we have taken classes with over the years.  On the Barre is by far the best experience we have had. We were particularly impressed with how smoothly the recital ran. In our past experience, recital day was a complete debacle and very stressful for parents.  Saturday was so well organized and we felt comfortable leaving Aislinn in the dressing room and knowing she was looked after.  It was nice to be able to relax and enjoy the the whole recital and not worry about anything.  Anyway, just wanted to tell you that, and we look forward to many more recitals at On The Barre! Thanks and see you soon!" -Allison K.


"Great day today!  It was fun and the girls faces and fun made it all worth it!   Everyone did great and I think the crowd dug us!  Thank You Beth for all the time and effort you all put in with all our kids.  As always it was a great show! Thanks again!" -Eric L.


"Thank you for a wonderful 5 years for Madeline – you have been a great friend and mentor to her. Your recitals truly get better each year. Please congratulate all the teachers for me on their wonderful choreography. All of your hard work, dedication and creativity is so evident in each of the dances. Our extended family and dear friends had a wonderful time – even some uncles of Madeline who had never attended before – were so impressed! We will miss our regular interaction but promise to stay in touch! Warmly, Cindy" -Cindy S.


"Miss Beth,The show was fantastic, what a wonderful day it was.  I continue to be amazed at how everything comes together.  You should be very proud of yourself, your staff and your dancers, I know that you are, it showed in your heartfelt thank you’s at the show!  The dances and the costumes were wonderful, colorful, and age appropriate – very classy.  The Dad’s dance was absolutely incredible, I laughed and I also cried a little!  I am so thrilled with how Autumn and the class did at the recital.  I miss dancing when I am sitting in the audience!  Your older girls (Miss Madeline, etc.) are phenomenal and I really enjoyed watching them, they are beautiful dancers. We will definitely be signing up for Fall classes! Thanks again for a great year." -Jessica R.